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Acumen Search: The leading resource for the search, selection and placement for executive actuarial positions


At Acumen Search & Selection we value our business relationships with our Clients and work closely with you to ensure we are meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations.

A vital aspect of this is the ‘partnering’ approach which we have embraced. By partnering with one of our Directors who has experience of your actuarial practice area, we can ensure that you reduce the time and effort it takes you to find the position you are after.

Our Director will take the time to get to know your personality, your unique skills, motivating factors and aspirations to ensure that we bring challenging and rewarding positions to your career search that often never make their way to the job boards. After all, for executive vacancies, it is the person that is more important than the specific tasks associated with the role.

By partnering with your Acumen Director you will be able to draw on their many years of experience in actuarial executive placements.


Client Understanding

Our highly trained and experienced consultants take the time to gain a meticulous understanding of the company culture, strategy, organisation and objectives to ensure a seamless integration of senior Executives into Client organisations.

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